Executive Management Team

Mr. Andrew Wynter


Mr. Garth Williams

Deputy CEO for Operations

Nickeisha Walsh

Deputy CEO for Corporate Services

Mrs. Carol Saunders-Hammond

Director Citizenship Services

Mrs. Amy Johnson-Lynch

Project Director – Transformation

Stephanie Gordon

Director of Passport Services – (Assigned)

Keith Montaque

Chief Information Officer

Gail Hutchinson-McLeod

Chief Internal Auditor

Ezra Whittock

Director, Immigration

Clover Roberts

Director, Finance and Accounts

Delly Vassell

Director of Customer Service – (Assigned)

Micheal Gowie

Director, Public Procurement – (Assigned)

Mollie Plummer

Snr Director of Investigation & Surveillance

Marsha Grant

Director, Business Development and Communications

Christopher Miller

Director of Administration

Joan Guy-Walker

Director, Human Resources