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An applicant qualifies for Citizenship by Descent where:

A. (i) She / He was born outside of Jamaica before the 6th August 1962
(ii) His / Her mother or father on the 6th August 1962 became or would have, but for his/her death, become a citizen of Jamaica.
B. She /He was born outside Jamaica after the 5th August 1962 and whose mother/father at the date of his/her birth is/was a citizen of Jamaica by Birth, Descent or Registration by virtue of marriage to a Jamaican.



The application form which is obtainable at PICA, 8 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, the Jamaican High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates as well as online at, should be completed and submitted along with the following original documents:
1. The Claimant’s Birth Certificate;
2. The Claimant’s father’s or mother’s Birth Certificate or Certificate of Jamaican Citizenship or Adoption Certificate issued by the RGD;
3. Claimants photograph identification
4. Two (2) passport sized photographs of the applicant certified by either a Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, Lawyer or Doctor. (The claimant’s name along with the name, number and signature of the certifying officer and the certification date no older than 6 months should be included) No embossed seal.
5. Marriage Certificate (where applicable);
6. Applicant’s/Claimant valid ID (If adult 18 years and older);
7. Jamaican parent’s government issued ID (Valid Passport or Driver’s Licence); if application is for a minor;
8. Court issued document evidencing Legal Guardianship where applicable;
9. Official Change of Name Document (Court Order, Deed Polls registered through the court or the country’s records office, etc.) where applicable;

• Descendants of Jamaicans born in Dutch or French Overseas departments in the Caribbean and whose surname is acknowledged on PERMISSION of the mother in the supporting documents will be issued with a citizenship certificate bearing that surname.

• In cases where there is no information for the father recorded on the Jamaican birth certificate and no stated surname is given to the child, then the document is accepted where the child automatically assumes the mother’s name.
All documents must be originals. Laminated documents will not be accepted. PICA reserves the right to request additional and/or updated information during the process of the application.
Compliant regular applications are processed within twenty-five (25) working days and local expedited within fifteen (15) working days.



Requirements for photographs:

• 2 identical photographs*
• Photographs should be taken in colour with a matte/dull finish, against a plain background
• Applicants of light complexion should avoid wearing white clothing and should have photographs taken against a pastel shaded background
• Applicants of dark complexion should wear coloured clothing and photographs should be taken against a white background.
• Applicants with grey/white hair should have their photograph taken against a pale blue or pastel background
• There must be no other person or object in the photograph
• There should be no background shadows
• A full frontal pose is required
• There should be no creases or ink marks on the photograph
• Exposed shoulders and chest must be avoided
• Bright coloured clothing is not recommended
• Eye glasses should not have tinted lenses
• Heavy (thick) frames should be avoided
• Headgear is permitted ONLY for religious purposes. Facial features including the outline of the face from the bottom of the chin to top of the forehead must me clearly shown
• Photographs submitted with an application become the property of the Government of Jamaica
• No embossed seal

* The 2 passport-sized photographs should be certified by a consular officer, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public Commissioner of Oaths, Medical Doctor or lawyer. Certification should not be older than 6 months. Photographs must be dated. The name of the applicant along with the name, number and signature of the certifying officer should be included.



• Where a new name is introduced by any document(s) supporting the application, the applicant is required to submit a Deed Poll, Court Order or Apostille to support the use of that new name(s).
• Deed polls not issued by a State Authority to evidence change of name should be treated on a case use of the new identity in a passport; cases should be referred to the Director/Operations Manager for guidance. Change of name completed by persons in the UK will be accepted only if issued by the UK Deed Poll Services and High Court.



Applications may be submitted by the following:-

• Adults acting in their own right to the application
• Parents on behalf of minor children
• Parents may submit applications on behalf of their adult child with his/her authorization
• Legal Guardian
• Attorneys making formal representation on behalf of parent or legal guardian (Persons who hold law degrees and are not Attorneys may not submit applications on behalf of anyone).



Applications submitted locally will attract a non-refundable fee of JMD$10,000.00 for regular service and JMD$15,000.00 for expedited service. Payment for local applications will only be accepted in Jamaican dollars. Payments will be accepted by cash, debit or credit (local Customers)
Fees for the various foreign currencies are accepted but are only applicable to applications submitted through the Jamaican High Commissions Consulates/Embassies. The required costs are quoted as follows: USD$100.00; CAD$110.00; GBP£60.00; EUR€74.00
• Personal cheques from customers are not accepted.
• NB Overseas Customers. Fee does not include cost of mailing certificate from Mission to Customer
• The processing fee is waived for applicants applying for Citizenship by Descent who previously held a Jamaican passport.



Fee Schedule:


  Processing Time (Regular Service) Regular Fee (Non- refundable) Expedited Service Processing Time Expedited Fee Total Cost
Local Application for Citizenship by Descent Compliant applications will be processed within 25 Working Days J$10,000.00


Compliant applications will be processed within 15 Working Days J$5000.00 J$15,000.00
Overseas Application for Citizenship by Descent Compliant applications will be processed within 25 Working Days US$100.00, CAD$110.00, GBP£60.00, EUR€75.00 Compliant applications will be processed within 20 Working Days GBP£60.00 GBP£120.00

NB: For any additional information or clarification please contact us at PICA or the nearest Jamaican High Commission/Embassy/Consulate.