Citizenship in Case of Doubt


This category of citizenship is for individuals, who have a claim to Jamaican Citizenship by birth, but have no documentary proof (e.g. Jamaican birth certificate) to support that claim. The applicant should also have evidence that unsuccessful efforts were made to secure a Birth Certificate from the Registrar General Department.


    1. Applicants should make their request in writing addressed to the Minister of National Security for a document to identify them as a Jamaican. Applicant’s Letter along with the one given by the Registrar General’s Department must be submitted to the Citizenship Unit of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, 8 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10. If you are applying from overseas, applications must be submitted through the Jamaican Embassy, High Commission or Consulate nearest to you.

      The letter must contain the reason for the request and as much useful information as possible regarding the applicant’s background including but not limited to the following:

      • Name
      • Gender
      • Date and place of Birth
      • Name of parents
      • Number of children born to applicants parents
      • Infant Baptismal record (if applicable)
      • Schools attended
      • Present occupation
      • Applicants Martial status
      • Number of children born to applicant
      • Present/Past Occupation


(Only original documents are accepted)

    • Three (3) Statutory Declarations forms in support of the application. These should be completed on the forms by three (3) different persons preferably relatives of the applicant, who are at least seven (7) years older than the applicant. Paragraph 7 of the form should include answers to the following questions:
      1. 1. How many children did the applicant’s parents have?
      2. 2. Of the number of children for the applicant’s parents, what position did the applicant take?
      3. 3. Was the applicant baptized during infancy? If this is the case and the record is unavailable, please state why?
      4. 4. Did the applicant attend school? If yes where? If the record of admission is unavailable please state why?


  • Birth certificate of two eldest children(if applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • School Record(if applicable)
  • Baptismal record(if applicable)
  • Two Passport photographs of the applicant certified by a Justice of the Peace for local applications or by a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths for overseas applications. The name of the applicant along with the name, number and signature of the certifying officer should be included. Certification should not be older than 6 months. Photographs must be dated. No embossed seal.
  • (Required Applicable Fees)


PICA reserves the right to request additional and or updated information during the processing of the application.