Unconditional Landing

Unconditional Landing (UL) is a stamp placed in a passport which allows the holder to remain in Jamaica indefinitely.

It allows an individual to live in Jamaica while being able to attend school or work without having to obtain a work permit. Persons with UL status can also visit the island for an extended period with no limit being placed on the length of time that they can remain in Jamaica. Similarly, Jamaicans who travel on non-Jamaican passports can do so with ease when they have their UL status.

Passports in which the stamp is placed must be valid with no less than six months before expiration.

Where an application is being done on behalf of a minor, if the parent(s) are overseas, they need to provide a notarized copy of their passport and a notarized letter granting permission for the Unconditional Landing to be done.

Unconditional Landing status is obtained under any of the following categories:

BIRTH: Applicants who are Jamaican nationals by birth but travel on a non-Jamaican passport

  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate/Divorce decree where applicable

DESCENT: Applicants born overseas and of Jamaican descent

  • Valid passport
  • Applicants birth certificate/Divorce decree where applicable
  • Parents birth certificate/Machine readable Jamaican passport/Citizenship certificate
  • Parents marriage certificate/Divorce decree
  • Adoption certificate

NATURALIZATION: Persons who have acquired citizenship through Naturalization or Registration

  • Valid passport
  • Naturalization certificate issued by Jamaica
  • Marriage certificate where applicable

CARICOM UNCONDITIONAL LANDING: This is granted to CARICOM Free Movement of Skills Person (their dependents also qualify)

  • Valid passport
  • Certificate of recognition/letter from Ministry of Labour
  • Birth Certificate of dependents where applicable
  • Marriage certificate where applicable

NOTE: Applications for transfer of UL (from an expired passport to a new passport) after 2010 (which were verified) do not need to resubmit primary document. Simply submit the old and new passport along with the requisite fees.

Currently extension of stay/Unconditional landing is only granted in Kingston and Montego Bay.