No. Applications should be submitted through the nearest Jamaican Mission to the applicant.

No, it is only a requirement for persons who are unable to write.

Kingston – seven (7) working days
Montego Bay – fourteen (14) working days
Overseas applications (submitted through the Jamaican Missions) – twenty (20) working days
Express Services Available from our Kingston Offices Next Day and Three working days

Contact the customer service section of the Passport Office for further information. The telephone nos. is as follows: 754-5249, 754-5092, 754-4675, 906-4402, 906-1497, 906-4329 or visit the office in person if it is convenient to you.

Original divorce decree or marriage certificate along with the birth certificate, expired passport, two photographs, one of which should be certified by the certifying official who signed the application form

Original marriage certificate, birth certificate, expired passport, two photographs. Married men need not present marriage certificates.

No. However, all children over the age of three years must make an appearance at the Immigration Office. If you reside in the rural areas, you may visit the nearest Divisional Office of the Jamaica Constabulary Force with the child, where the Immigration Officer examines the applications, then encloses the documents in a sealed envelope. You should not open the envelope. Thereafter, the application should be submitted to the Passport Office, 25 Constant Spring Road for processing. If you reside in the Corporate Area you should visit the Passport Office.

Yes, the Passport Office accepts the old as well as the new birth certificates.

Contact the Customer Service Section of the Passport Office for further information at the following telephone numbers: 754-5249/754-5092/754-4675/906-1497 or the nearest Jamaican Mission if overseas.

Police report
Birth certificate
Supplementary ID
Two photographs, one of which should be certified by the Certifying Official who signed the application form and the original marriage certificate where applicable.

Proof of citizenship: Original birth certificate or adoption certificate. For applicants born outside of Jamaica, a certificate of registration, naturalization or letter of certification or citizenship should be submitted.
Proof of identity: Driver’s licence, voter’s ID or work/student ID subject to approval by the Passport Officer and two photographs, one of which should be certified by the Certifying Official who signed the application form.

Original birth certificate or other proof of Jamaican Citizenship, expired passport, two photographs (one of which should be certified by the Certifying Official who signed the application form).

The CARICOM Passport is an official travel document that can be used for travel within and outside the Caribbean. It will now become the standard issue for the Jamaican passport.

The Jamaican passport is valid for ten years for an adult and five years for children 17 years and under.

Report it immediately to the nearest police station or to the Passport Office.

The introduction of the document will facilitate smoother processing of CARICOM nationals transiting the region. It is intended to foster a greater sense of community within the region and would be a tangible demonstration of one’s membership in the Caribbean family.

There are a number of persons including Justices of the Peace, School Principal, Bank Manager, Dentist, and Attorney-at-Law. See section 4.1 for a complete list.

It is needed to prove the identity of the applicant beyond a reasonable doubt.

Persons with a valid passport, who wish to have a CARICOM Passport, may do so. This will be treated as a renewal of your document, which means that the passport being renewed will be cancelled and returned where there is a valid visa. If you do not wish to change a valid passport you may continue to use it until it expires. Holders of the blue hand-written passports are being encouraged to apply for a CARICOM Passport, even if their current document is still valid.

The process, requirement and cost for obtaining the CARICOM passport will remain the same as was previously required.


Yes, Jamaica recognizes dual citizenship.

The applicant should have been granted an original Certificate of Jamaican Citizenship.
1. A letter applying for a Certified Copy should be addressed to:-
The Chief Executive Officer Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency 25c Constant Spring Road Kingston 10
The letter should state the Name, Address and File Reference Certificate number of the applicant. The applicant is required to state what has happened to the original Certificate of Citizenship and why the certified copy is required.
2. The letter should be accompanied by the following documents:- (i.) Recent Police Report on the status of Original Certificate;
(ii.) A Certified Passport sized photograph of applicant;
(iii.) Parent’s photo I.D. if applicant is a minor; (iv.) The appropriate fee (See fee structure below)
3. Compliant applications are processed within 5 working days
. COST Applications submitted locally will attract a non-refundable fee of JMD$5000.00. Payment for local applications will only be accepted in Jamaican dollars.
Fees for the various foreign currencies are accepted but are only applicable to applications submitted through the Jamaican High Commission Consulates/Embassies.
The required costs are quoted as follows: USD$100.00; CAD$110.00; GBP£60.00; EUR€74.00

The processing time for citizenship s dependent on the category of the application:

  • Applications for Citizenship by Descent are processed within 25 working days
  • Applications for Citizenship by virtue of Marriage are prepared for submission to the Minister for approval within 24 months
  • Naturalization will be processed and prepared for submission to the Minister for approval within 24 months
  • Registration (Commonwealth citizens) will be processed and prepared for submission to the Minister for approval within 24 months
  • Registration (Minors) will be processed and prepared for submission to the Minister for approval within 24 months
  • At the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) located at 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10

    Yes, we offer 15-day expedited services to local applicants for Citizenship by Descent

    PICA will accept applications from: 1) ATTORNEYS
    2) Persons authorized in writing by the parent of a minor who is entitled to citizenship by Descent

    Currently, applications are accepted at 25 Constant Spring Road or at any Jamaican High Commission, Embassy or Consulate overseas.

    No, only originals are to be submitted.

    Laminated documents are not acceptable.

    There is no waiting period for applicants to submit an application

    Only Non-commonwealth nationals are required to do so.

    Only if you are applying for Registration (Adult) and Naturalization

    Close relatives, ie, parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters are NOT allowed to certify

    Persons who claim to have been born in Jamaica but whose birth was never recorded can apply for a document to identify them as a citizen of Jamaica. This process is referred to as Citizenship in case of Doubt.


    An extension of stay is granted when non-Commonwealth and Commonwealth nationals enter the island and seek to alter their status for the purpose of work, study etc.

    The process takes three (3) working days for applications submitted at PICA's Kingston office at 25 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 and seven (7) working days for applications submitted at our office at Overton Plaza, 49 Union Street in Montego Bay.

    No, however nationals of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Cayman Islands, Nigeria and the British Virgin Islands will need a visa.

    Yes, however some nationals from non-Commonwealth countries are permitted to enter Jamaica for varying periods without a visa

    Visitor; Work Permit; Student; Marriage Exemption; Dependent; Permanent Residence and Unconditional Landing

    All documents must be original. Married females must present marriage certificates. Adoption Certificates & Deed Polls where applicable. Submit also birth certificate; passport. Applications based on Descent – birth certificate; passport; Father/Mother’s birth certificate & identification (passport or driver’s licence) UL applicants who received Naturalization/Citizenship – Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate; passport & birth certificate (child & parent). Applicants with Caribbean Community (free movement of skilled persons) certificate – passport; Certificate of Recognition of Caribbean Community Skills (issued by Min. of Labour); birth and/or marriage certificate of dependent. All applicants must complete an extension of stay form obtainable at PICA offices in Kingston and Montego Bay.