Replacing a lost/stolen or damaged minor (under 18yrs) passport

The parent will be required to obtain and present a report of Lost/Stolen/Damaged/Unavailable Passport Form for the replacement of your lost/stolen or damaged passport. To replace your passport, you will be required to:

  • Visit our Customer Service Unit to report the theft, loss or damage of your passport
  • Complete a Lost/Stolen/Damaged/Unavailable Passport Form for submission to our Investigation and Surveillance Unit (ISU)
  • Completed passport application form
  • Submit the official report from our Investigation and Surveillance Unit (ISU)
  • Submit the Birth Certificate/Adoption Certificate or Jamaican Citizenship Certificate for the minor
  • Provide two (2) identical passport-sized photographs (NB//: only one photograph must be certified by the same certifying official who certified your application)
  • Provide proof of parent’s name change if name has been changed (Marriage Certificate, Deed poll, Divorce Decree, Court Order)
  • Submit a valid Government-issued Photo Identification for the parent/legal guardian (Example: Drivers Licence, Voter Identification, Passport)
  • Complete section C and E of the application form by the parent/legal guardian submitting the application and Section G is to be certified in the name of the parent/guardian who is applyingli>


If the parent/legal guardian is out of Jamaica, then a written letter of consent giving the guardian permission to apply for and collect the passport (notarized by an authorised person from the country they are in) is to be done and sent along with a copy of their passport or acceptable ID to the adult who will be doing the application through our office. The applicant is also required to present their ID.