PICA/Customs launch online passenger declaration form

by / Thursday, 09 January 2020 / Published in Latest posts

2019, July 24: The Passport, Citizen and Immigration Agency (PICA) in conjunction with the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) today launched an online version of the Immigration and Customs Declaration form (C5) to facilitate a speedier and more efficient processing of passengers and baggage at the island’s airports.

The launch took place today (Wednesday, July 24) at the Learning and Development Centre at the Norman Manley International Airport.

The system was designed in-house by the Information and Communication Technology staff at both PICA and Jamaica Customs and was done in consultation with other key stakeholders. Passengers wishing to access the electronic form can do so by visiting the websites of PICA or Jamaica Customs and click on the logo for the online passenger declaration form.

The Online Passenger Declaration System provides passengers with a flexible, easy and efficient option for completing the Declaration Form and aims to reduce waiting and processing times at both the Immigration and Customs halls. Travellers who use the service can fill out the online form once they have booked their flight and even whilst en route to Jamaica, provided they have internet access.

The introduction of the system means that travellers now have the option to either complete the form prior to travel or to complete the physical immigration/customs form upon arrival in Jamaica.

The Online Passenger Declaration Form is designed to capture the same information or data elements as the current manual Immigration and Customs Passenger Declaration Form, and to store this data in an electronic format to be accessed by Immigration Officers and Customs Officers when the passenger arrives at the airports.

The development of the system is a first for CARICOM and is aimed at enhancing travel facilitation while at the same time securing the nation’s borders.