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frequently asked question
  • What do I need to schedule an appointment?

    You will require the following:
    — A Web Browser. (Internet Explorer version 11+, Chrome version 54+)
    — A VALID and WORKING EMAIL ADDRESS to receive system-generated messages.
    — A working printer if you wish to print the system-generated confirmation code.

  • How does the appointment scheduling solution work?

    ✓ Customer books an appointment (online via web or mobile). Here, the customer can choose the service they require and preferred branch, based on availability. Customer receives a booking confirmation.
    ✓ On the appointment date, the customer will show up at the selected branch at the requested time.

  • I do not have an email address, what should I do?

    A valid and working email address is very important when scheduling your online appointment.  If you do not have an email address, you may subscribe to any free email service like Yahoo! or Gmail for an email account. Please ensure that you activate your email account prior to using the Online Appointment System. PICA will use your email address to send to you pertinent information regarding your application. It may also be used to communicate with you the status of your appointment and to seek further clarification where necessary.

  • How can I recover a lost appointment code?

    Your online appointment code is a one-time-generated unique code that you will need to produce upon arrival. If lost you may contact our customer care centre at (876)754-PICA for further assistance.

  • How can I cancel my online appointment?

    Your online appointment may be cancelled at any time prior to the date of the appointment. To cancel an existing appointment go to the Manage Existing Appointment tab on the homepage.