The Immigration Unit of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) is responsible for the processing of incoming and outgoing air and sea passengers and crew. The Unit also processes applications for unconditional landing as well extension of stay for visitors, students, work permit holders and holders of marriage exemption certificates. Additionally, the Immigration Unit considers applications for entry visas and permanent residence.

Other activities by the Unit include managing the deportation and repatriation of persons not qualified to remain in Jamaica as well as handling matters relating to refugees on the island.

Jamaica’s Immigration procedures are based on the provisions in the following legislation:


  • Immigration Restriction (Commonwealth Citizens) Act (1945)
  • Aliens Act (1946)
  • Passport Act
  • Foreign Nationals and Commonwealth Citizens (Employment) Act
  • The Nationality Act
  • All other legislation having bearing on Immigration and Passport aimed in general at controlling the movement of non-Jamaicans entering and remaining in the country.